Quality, not quantity


~ Understanding & advancing your art practice with the power of astrology ~

I founded ARTstrology, a system that empowers artists.
I have developed a series of workshops, whereby I bring you astrological information relating to your own birth chart usable in everyday life. Equipped with this knowledge, you can find how to get unstuck financially, if you are feeling uninspired and unmotivated or just at cross-roads.

This is a hands on webinar/workshop.
What to bring - your birth time (exact time would be superb), birthday and place & your ideal way to take notes.

Take back control of your art-practice and create a financially savvy business that is fitting for the 21st century.
No previous experience or understanding of astrology is needed.
If you are familiar with the idea of that there are 12 zodiac signs, and that your "star-sign is Capricorn" = that is enough (although we will de-bunk the idea of the importance of the "star-sign" right away:)!

I have been a university lecturer for 16 years, therefore I will bring you sophisticated techniques in a palatable manner that will empower you and put you in alignment of the true earning potential.

Webinar 1 - Spot your Money in your Chart!

Webinar 2 - What should you concentrate on right now? - coming soon!

Webinar 3 - ARTstrology techniques for achieving the best exposure - coming soon!

Webinar 1
Spot your Money in your Chart

You are welcome to Purchase the webinar here and Pay
via PayPal, alternatively via the workshop's own website via Stripe, Klarna or Debit/Credit card.

1.5 hour webinar/workshop

Delivered via Zoom

18.00 - 19.30pm

Saturday, 28th October 2023

Upon purchase you will be emailed the Zoom link.
Looking forward to Seeing You there.

Are you ready to improve your creative practice?

Quality, not quantity

Lacan's mirror theory and its connections to the state of synesthesia

Lacan's mirror theory, developed by the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, explores the formation of self-identity through the mirror stage in early childhood. According to this theory, the child's recognition of their own reflection in a mirror leads to a sense of self-awareness and the construction of the ego. This concept of self-perception and identification with the mirror image can be seen as applicable to the state of immersive experiences. In immersive experiences, individuals are often presented with virtual realities or simulated environments that reflect their own actions and decisions. These experiences can create a heightened sense of self-awareness and identity exploration, similar to the mirror stage. By engaging with immersive technologies, individuals may have the opportunity to explore and shape their identities in ways that parallel the formation of the ego during the mirror stage.