Artist Astrology Activation
Cosmic assistance just for you

Activate your chart ~ divine guidance for your creative practice

Whichever stage of your creative career you are at, the solutions to expansion do not reside in the external. They are all rooted in you personally and in the promise of your birth chart. Divine help is always available to unlock your full creative potential. I developed a special reading that is unique to artists. This reading is to help you to pinpoint your karmic path, "Your Plan" and "The Universe's Plan" for you. Your strengths, possible blockages, even down to the fine details of what kind of projects should you embark on - they can all be found in your birth chart. Please note that your exact birth time is necessary for fully taking advantage of this offering.

This consultation can help you, when:

· You would like to focus on study, and would like know the best possible direction
· You feel that there is a change looming in your career, but are not sure which path to take
· You would like to change your creative passion into a profession
· You have a creative practice you love, but don't seem to attract success
· You would like to start your own business, but you are unsure about your brand identity
· You would like to understand your relationship with money
· You would like to release blockages and fears, so you can become who you truly meant to be
· You would like to know which are the best facets of your creativity / business to focus on?
· You have had enough of being paid in “likes”

"Yes, I am setting up my art practice"
"Yes, I want to grow my art practice"

I am compassionate astrologist and I deliver all the messages that are made available to me. Clients come to me because I don't shy away from saying what I see, ultimately serving the purpose of giving you as much help as possible. Please don't forget that the reason you have a more challenging chart, because you are more capable.

Activation of your chart

Your unique blueprint, your birth chart will tell us what is your innate potential and how you can unlock it. The greater awareness you have about your chart, the more prepared you can be and the more free will you can apply as to how to use these energies!

Personalised Astrology Activation

60 minutes recorded reading